Software Development

Software Development

Unite Microsystem offers customized software development services Patna for a variety of clients for different businesses. Whether you are a startup or a full-fledged enterprise, we offer comprehensive working for developing different applications by engineering out skills.

What is software Development?

Software development help comprehend the growing needs of businesses for meeting their varied requirements. Whether it is increasing your ROI or CMS, it can all be met by building different software. It is the process of generating individual software that meets the specific requirement of businesses using specific programming language. The methodology of software designing Patna involve writing codes, testing, running analytics and quality check.

With our vast knowledge and expertise in the technological field, we at Unite Microsystems have grown on to develop valuable clientele across different sectors. We have employed an expert team of engineers, designers, and developers who offer professional software designing and development services with timely delivery.

software development

our Services

Application Development

We offer comprehensive software development service across the web as well as mobile. Software developers run a detailed understanding and analysis of the requirements and develop apps to meet the specific needs. Following an organized process, we develop, customize, modernize the apps for data storage, workflow, customer management, analytics, and much more making it more responsive to the environment.

Mobile Apps

Whether its data synchronization or bringing about changes in the messaging-based application, we offer a range of service across different operating systems for Mobile Apps. Our Software development service includes developing applications for iPhone, Android, and smartphones offering a better deliverance in comparison to mobile websites. In addition, our developers hold expertise in designing both UI and UX of Mobile Apps.

UI and UX Designing

Our professional designers will ensure to offer you services that aid you in gaining high ROI. Hire our UI/ UX software designers and see your website garnering more traffic, higher conversion rates and an increase in revenue.

application development

Product Development and Maintenance

We assist through the entire process of product development by converting ideas into software solutions that meet the requirement of our clients. Whether it is generating ERP or CMS functioning, we deem to develop software that matches the needs and is beneficial for customer demand.

Cloud Services

Our team of professionals provides cloud services designed for easing the use, access to the application, services, resources from the internet to cloud computing. Our services include online data storage to backup solutions, web-based email services, document collaboration, database processing and much more.

QA and Testing

Unite Microsystems aids in offering quality product and services with our QA and testing services in Patna.. We apply test automation so as to reduce human efforts. Our services include E-commerce Testing, Automation Testing, Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Regression Testing, etc.

System Integration

Our software development specialists offer ad hoc solutions for seamless exchange of information through system integration. From integrating ESB to microservice connection, we specialize in all. Connect to us and get a complete solution for your business needs with our software development services.

Our Process


This is the first step of the software development cycle. In this, the requirements are collected from the clients. People involved in this phase are managers, stakeholders and the user of course. All the requirements area mbiguously taken and various parameters pertaining the requirements are agreed.



The prerequisite for this phase is the requirement specification document. In this phase, the system and software design are prepared based on the given requirements. The system design helps in specifying hardware and software requirements and overall defines the system architecture.



the developed code is tested against all the requirements. It is made sure that the product is in line with the requirements and works exactly the way it is supposed to and bugs if any are reported to the developer. This phase uses all types of functional testing like unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing and also the non-functional testing.



Problems arises once the customers start using the product. These problems need to be fixed from time to time. This is what is covered in the maintenance phase. The service engineers oblige the customers by solving the issue.


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