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Graphic Designing

Unite Microsystem offers prominent website building services in Patna for businesses and individuals. We provide a helping hand and guidance to the clients in making their website impactful as well as in creating their web presence using different tools like Graphics and Logo Designing thereby scaling the business growth.

We offer Logo and Graphics Designing services Patna for business in order to make it stand apart in comparison to its contemporaries.

Logo and its importance

A logo is the identity of a website or a brand. It represents the company and aids customers relate to it thereby playing a vital role in building brand loyalty. Our expert team of graphic designers and logo artists aid in perfecting the logos in accordance with the client requirement and create a niche for them on the internet.


What Logo Designing services offered?

From a simple logo to complex ones, our graphic designers hold expertise in generating unique logo that makes your brand stand out. Based on the business, we offer professional guidance and advice generating the identity of the business by which it will be known. Whether you require a corporate logo that include company name, initials, colors or just shape or Typographic Logos that utilize alphabets and fonts, we offer it all. Logos even comprise of representations of companies as well as icons to illustrate the core values. We have a wide range of choices and ideas to choose from, so as to make your Logo synonymous to your brand.

We offer graphic designing services by combining traditional designs and modern technology.

Business Card designs

Business cards are one of the most important aspects of a business. It lays an everlasting impression along with building credibility for your brand. Handing over your business card when introducing oneself aids create an impression. So, why not make it impactful too? With our expert team of graphic designers, we ensure to deliver you the best of services. Our team of professionals works together with the clients and after understanding the requirement build business cards that are enriching and perfect. With a perfect combination of colors, cuts, and gradients, we make your business capture the hearts of customers within a glimpse.

Letterhead designing

While most of the communication today happens through the digital medium, important documentation still requires paperwork. Letterhead is a necessary document, that carries the trust and details of the company. Thus, how specially and beatifically you design it is the crux. We at Unite Microsystems offer Letterhead designing using best graphics that isn’t pompous yet elegant and classy. Our team of graphic designers has earned expertise in ensuring your letterhead pulls in your unique logo and brand and showcases your professionalism. Combine it with your business card and build trust with your audience with consistency.

Print Design

Our exclusive graphic designing services Patna includes every traditional designing that’s executed with finesse. Whether its customized banner, brochures, labels, or magazines, we offer it all. Using a perfect combination of color, layout, and fonts we aid in giving your business an illustrative image.

print image


When it comes to graphic design, specifically graphic design which is essentially a problem solving process intended to develop and deliver a clear message to an intended audience, it’s better for a graphic designer to have a strategic approach rather than diving straight into their favourite graphic design software application and attempting to produce a quality communication solution.


the discovery phase is essentially and information gathering exercise and involves research into the client offering, the client marketplace and the competitive landscape within which the client operates.


This is the critical thinking phase of the design process. Leveraging all the information gathered in the previous phase it’s time to put on your designers hat and begin to brainstorm and conceptualize a market strategy for the client.


you’ve finalized your content and gotten approval on a concept you can move on to the actual design phase of the graphic design process which culminates in the delivery of two or more final versions of the product.


the client will choose one of the final designs presented and you can go ahead and finalize it for production and or publishing if required.

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